Choosing the right trainer is a major commitment. If you are not sure about Heroes Fitness, take a look at what people who have experienced what I do for them have to say!


"Connor is a very knowledgeable trainer. He is able to costumize workouts according to your needs, what you want, and what your body can handle. He taught me how to feel the movements in my muscles and what those muscles were doing. It helps that he is very mature and has a very amicable personality, which makes him a great motivator. It is because of him that I learned how to appreciate and love barbell squats and deadlifts. Overall, I highly recommend Connor as a personal trainer."

Carolina A., Client age 28


"Heroes Fitness is awesome! They really takes the time to assess their clients needs in a holistic way, helps them set realistic goals and gives them the tools to achieve them. He does all of this while being their biggest cheerleader! My son has gained confidence and learned healthy habits all thanks to HF. I highly recommend Heroes Fitness!"

Hope D., Mother of Client​ age 14


"Connor is a real hero! He has trained and mentored me for almost one year now and my transformation is amazing! My strength and my health & wellness have improved immensely. When I started working with him I could not do one single real push up & I am able to do over 20 without fail and up to 50. I could go on and on about his capabilities & professionalism. Thank you Connor for helping me to change my life for the better!"

Dawn C., Client age 54


"my sons, ages 13 and 16, have trained at HF for 8 months now and they are great with kids. We are seeing improvements at their assessments each month and they actually look forward to going. The trainers are able to get maximum effort from them while having fun at the same time. We have a busy family schedule and he is always flexible in working them in between their school schedules and extra curricular activities. They also go above and beyond by establishing relationships with them outside of the gym. If you're looking for a personal trainer, give Heroes Fitness a shot...you won't be disappointed!"

Ryan S., Father of Clients age 13 & 16


"I’m just a normal guy, getting to that certain age where my fitness level had diminished and overall health had started reflecting that with higher blood pressure and cholesterol, both requiring daily medications. Ultimately, my goals were directly related to whatever had to happen to be able to get off those medications...so, I joined a gym. I decided to take advantage of a personal trainer to get me back in the swing of it, thinking that a few sessions would get me to the point of being able to do my workouts on my own.

After meeting Connor, we discussed my goals; identifying my health and overall fitness improvement with an ability to have a more active role with our 16‐year‐old, he developed the training plan to best fit my needs. After my second session with Connor, I realized that there was no way I could endure the fitness training required, much less achieve my goals without Connor’s help during our sessions, his direction for the proper execution and form for the exercises and drive to push through were critical for my success.

Historically, I would work out on my own to the point of self‐injury, then have to take time off from further workouts to heal. During the down time, I’d lose all drive or desire to pick it back up again, eventually I’d just quit. Working with Connor, I quickly found that those obstacles could be avoided with proper training and working through it differently.

It could be said that Connor’s motivation helped me to reach my goals; but really it was much more than just motivation. More importantly, he inspired me throughout the process and as a result, I’m at a better health and fitness level than I’ve been in decades. The ‘kid’ and I now enjoy frequent racquetball games and backwoods trail bike riding... and with my doctor’s approval, I was able to get off the daily meds too.

I highly recommend Connor Blackmon/Heroes Fitness for your personal fitness training needs!"

Drew M., Client. Age 53 


"Connor is the main reason I got inspired to start training and working out. His motivation drove me through every workout and he expected me to excel because he believed in me. That was 3 years ago, and till this day I stay in contact with him regularly and ask for advice and training tips. Sometimes I even ask for personal training from him because of the knowledge he carries on physical fitness will insure you have the best workout of your life everyday and every time. Don't quit, and persevere."

Alex I., Client age 19


Well I hate to follow the other reviewers and sound like a broken record if anybody even knows what a record is anymore:-) Connor is a wonderful trainer. He gained experience and several different environments and has put it to good use to round out the perfect training situation for each client. He is more knowledgeable than most other trainers that I have encountered. Do not expect him to go easy on you as some other trainers might because he's your consultant to do a job and that's to help you get back into shape or better shape. I have worked with a number of other trainers and rarely have I left a session dripping wet from working so hard but you can expect that in almost every session with Connor. You will not go wrong having a consultation with Connor to see if he is the trainer for you.

Curtis B., Client. Age 55


Connor is by far the best trainer I have ever had! He does everything he can to help you achieve your goals! He designs workouts that are fun, challenging, but specific to your individual level of fitness! He goes above and beyond for his clients!!

Mindy M., Client. Age 35


Good man and great trainer! You can't beat Connor's enthusiasm to help you reach your goals!

Matthew S., Client. Age 41


I've been training with Connor for about 6 months now and have accomplished more with 3, 1 hour long sessions per week than when I trained on my own for several years 5 days a week. The training is specific to the goals you'd like to achieve. Connor's service is professional and very affordable compared to other trainers. My teenage sons have been training with him now for over a year. Give him a shot...you won't be disappointed!

Ryan S., Client. Age 42


Connor is amazing and truly enjoys his work! He will push you to achieve your goals and is so much more than a trainer. He custom tailors your workouts and can help you with your nutritional needs as well! Hands down best personal fitness trainer!!

Reanna M., Client Age 35


I have only been coming to Heroes Fitness for a little over a month and wow do I feel better and starting to see the results ! I have certain limitations due to past surgeries and Connor really takes his time tayloring my workouts so I can get the most out of the trainings. I appreciate someone who really is passionate about their work and it shows every training session with Connor. He is a professional and I highly recommend him. Thank you Connor!

Glen M., Client Age 53


Connor is the best trainer, by far, that we have ever used. He goes above and beyond to help his clients achieve their goals. He does not take it easy on you. You will sweat. You will see results. You will not be disappointed.

Laura D., Mother of Client


11 sessions in and I am totally hooked!  My new hobby coach, Connor, has me doing things that I would have considered unlikely last month. In less than a month's time, I am down 5 lbs, went from 12 knee pushups to 25.  Increased my plank time from 1:50 to 2:30.

Esther W., Client Age 59


Connor really knows how to motivate and how to work around injuries. Both of which I really needed :) He keeps things moving and new so I’m never bored. He tailors each workout specifically for my needs. I always leave feeling great about a good workout. I would recommend him to anyone; but especially to those unsure about whether or not you can do it, he will make sure you are successful. I’m grateful!

Julie M., Client Age 47


AMAZING! Not only is Connor super energetic and motivating, but he really pushes you to achieve your goals! I’ve been working with him for a little over a month and I am really impressed with how much progress I’ve made. Thanks Connor!!

Erika L., Client Age 28


I’m 100% confident that I will reach all my goals training with Connor. He is the best and I love that his workouts are tailored exactly for me. I look forward to all our training together. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.

Nicole B., Client Age 28


Connor is a great personal trainer! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their health, lose weight or just improve their physique. I have seen a major difference within the last 2 months losing 6% body fat, losing 7 pounds and gaining muscle!

Thomas D., Client Age 26


Great knowledge about what he’s doing and amazing workouts. I don’t live in the same city but thanks to his online workouts I was able to get amazing results in 8 weeks.

Pieter F., Client Age 22


When I first met Connor 2 years ago, I was starting to workout again after several years of not being active and had gained weight. I was very nervous and self conscious about being in the gym, but when I did my first consultation with Connor, I felt confident and enthusiastic about getting back in shape. One of the first things that struck me about him was that he was not intimidating at all and welcomed any questions I had. I didn't feel like a "newbie" talking to him about working out and nutrition. I've recently joined him at Heroes Fitness and I look forward to each session; the workouts he plans for me are challenging and I can trust that he has my personal fitness goals in mind. I honestly wouldn't want to train with anyone else!

Jennifer M., Client Age 40


I chose Heroes Fitness not only because he was affordable, but it seemed like he was good at what he did. I'm glad I did because he is. Knowledgeable, caring, motivating, dedicated, effective, and just THE BEST.

Michelle S., Client Age 35


Connor and Gilda provide excellent, expert personal training, personalized to my fitness level. They are very patient and positive. They provide great, simple nutritional advice. They respect your time and work with your schedule. They have a great "no frills" gym and it's a lot of fun! My 20 year old son and I both have training sessions there. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions and I highly recommend Heroes Fitness for anyone with a basic level of fitness who wants to get in better shape!

Stephen T., Client Age 40


Connor is an amazing trainer that can help you achieve your goals. He provides an awesome meal plan with some work outs that will put you to your limits. He is highly recomendable!!!!

Melvin D., Age 23