Weight Loss Explained - Identifying Your Problem

January 15, 2019


Weight loss is a challenge. Everyone struggles with it, whether the individual knows what their doing or not. But one thing I see over, and over, and over again is these “fitness experts” that always seem to correct you when you’re trying to lose weight. No, I’m not talking about personal trainers, nutritionists, or even your average gym rat. I’m talking about your co-workers, family, and friends. Yeah, a lot of times these people are your biggest sources of support. But I’m talking about the people who like to show off their knowledge when you bring up fitness.

            Normally, these people aren’t fit, but at some point in time made an effort to become fit. They will typically tell you about how you shouldn’t eat fruit because they are loaded with sugar, or about how you can only eat fresh, organic vegetables because…reasons.

            Today, I want to talk about a few of these topics brought up at the dinner table, but more importantly, I am going to help you learn to identify your problem.

            So, let’s first discuss fruit. Mangos, pineapple, even bananas, just to name a few, do have a considerable amount of sugar in them. However, if you’re just beginning a weight loss journey, sugar from fruit is not the reason you can’t lose weight. If you’re just beginning a weight loss journey, your problem is probably that you:

  1. Eat out too often

  2. Have a major sweet tooth that always leads you to the ice cream isle at the grocery store or

  3. You have yet to set foot into the gym this year!


My point is that avoiding sugar from fruit is not your problem at this stage in your fitness journey. Focus on the very obvious things, like fast food, ice cream, lack of exercise. Then, later down the line, you can switch out your mangos and pineapples for stuff like blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries, which have much less sugar in them.

Another thing that drives me crazy is what people say about the potato family… “White potatoes? Those have SO many starches, and are way high on the glycemic index. You’re much better off with a sweet potato.”

So, this is true. Sweet potatoes are much lower on the glycemic index. However, this doesn’t really matter. Sweet potatoes and white potatoes are extremely close in calorie count. Unless your diabetic, that’s all that matters. A beginner should first learn to eat healthy carbohydrates, like potatoes, and then later down the road, you can consider switching to sweet potatoes. But, it’s always very important to be realistic. I have a rule for nutrition, and it says if you don’t like something, don’t eat it. Personally, I love sweet potatoes. But if you don’t like sweet potatoes, don’t force yourself to eat them. Why? Because you will stop. Weight loss is all about longevity. Maybe you will eat your sweet potatoes for a few weeks. But once you grow tired of it, you’re going to quit, and go back to whatever you were eating for lunch before.

So, the important question to ask is, “What’s the alternative?”

What I mean is… What were you eating before? Moe’s? A sandwich from Wawa? Okay, that is your issue; a white potato with some chicken and greek yogurt is your solution! Focus on that for now.


The bottom line is this – focus on the big things that are preventing you from losing weight. As you grow in your healthy lifestyle, you can work out the odds and ends. Start with the basics. In the mean time, you guys can ask me any questions you may have. Talk to you soon!

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