Race Day is EVERY day.

September 22, 2018

Do you ever have days where just working out feels like its enough? Of course you do. I do, as well! It's inevitable. I talk about it all the time; in fact my last blog post was about fighting that feeling with proper motivation. When it comes to game day, we want to win, right? But what about on training days? What about when no one is watching? Let's be honest, that game winning spirit isn't always there.

Today, I wanted to write about this conversation I had with a stranger. This morning, I ran a 5k in Clearwater with my mother, and let me tell you, this run kicked my butt. The race coordinators seemed to find the only hills in Florida and make us run up all of them. It was brutal! But I wanted to get a PR, as always. After the run, I was chatting with the young man who came in first place for the 10k, and third place in the 5k (after running the 10k...ugh).

His father was his coach, and we had a nice little chat. Along with coaching his son, he also coached a high school cross country team. He said, "So many of my athletes want to win on race day, but seldom do I see that spirit in practice." This spoke volumes to me.

I wanted to do so good for this run, and honestly I trained pretty hard for it. But this made me take a step back and reevaluate my training program as well as my mentality. In my last blog, I talked about setting constant, achievable goals and crushing them. I still think this is the way to get better. But maybe, when no one is watching, it's too easy to set the bar lower than we really should. Maybe we can comfortably say, "Well, the bar is set higher than it is for most people, so that should be good enough."

That's not the race day spirit though. And truth be told, it's very demanding to have that mentality every single day. But, if we want to be the best athletes around, we have to step our game up.


The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when nobody else is looking."

-Mia Hamm


And that is where I will leave things for today. I have no great message to give today; but this was tremendously helpful for me to hear, and I hope it can help at least one person reading.

Thanks for tuning in as always,




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