How to Make THE Best Cold Brew Coffee

March 31, 2018

Hey guys! Are you obsessed with coffee like myself? I can't go a single day without coffee. I found a very simple to follow cold brew coffee recipe, and honestly it changed the way I look at coffee.

I had never before tried cold brew before, but had always had a curiosity. So, I tried this out, and boy is it something else! It is so fresh, and brings a whole different taste to coffee as a whole. And, other than waiting for the coffee to seep, it doesn't even take that much time! I want to share the recipe with you. If you haven't already, I have a video version you can watch below!

So, what you'll need is:

1. A gallon container for your coffee

2. Ground Coffee (obviously)

3. Reusable Coffee Filter

4. Water


I am going to be making a gallon of coffee, but if you'd like to make less, here are the conversions:


  1. 1 oz Coffee (28g) = 2 cups of water (16 oz)

  2. 2 oz Coffee (56g) = 4 cups of water (32 oz)

  3. 4 oz Coffee (113g) = 8 cups of water (64 oz)

  4. 8 oz Coffee (227g) = 1 gallon of water (128 oz)

If you'd like your coffee to be even fresher, you can purchase whole coffee beans and grind them yourself, but this is much faster and easier. The steps are simple. Just measure your coffee grinds using a scale, place the grinds in your filter bag, seal the bag, and put it in your water leaving part of the bag hanging out so the grinds don't mix in with the water.

Now, just leave it in for 14-16 hours and you have PERFECT cold brewed coffee! Give this recipe a shot, and let me know HOW MUCH you love it!


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