What About Fasted Cardio?

March 30, 2018


Now, most of you know where I stand on doing fasted cardio, but to refresh your brain on my thoughts...

There is no "best" time to do cardio. Ideally, you want to be doing cardio after you lift weights, because your body will be lacking in glycogen therefore you will burn more fat! BUT the best time to do cardio, is simply when you are the most likely to do it, and not hate it. For some of us, that time is the first thing in the morning.


And this is not a bad thing! If your program does call for LISS (low intensity steady-state) cardio, and you aren't doing it after weight training, the best time to do it would be before breakfast. Your body has little fuel to give for a workout, so it will burn more fat. And most research has pointed to say that fasted cardio does not burn muscle, however I might also add that the research has been inconclusive and honestly, we aren't 100% sure on the answer to this HIGHLY debated topic.


But, we have some benefits to doing fasted cardio.

1. The best part is getting it out of the way early in the morning.

2. Separating cardio from weight training, we can focus more when we are in the gym, rather than thinking, Man, I still have to do cardio after this...

3. Starting the day with an awesome achievement that will set the tone for the rest of the day


I have been doing a bit of fasted cardio the past week or so, and I have to say I have been enjoying it. It makes me feel accomplished early in the day, and I have been able to focus on my lifts more, where I feel I am getting more out of it.


With that being said, fasted cardio should only be doing for LISS training, not high-intensity burst training. In most of my programs, we focus most days on burst training, in which you will want more food in your system so you can perform better on these days. LISS is usually done on our active rest days.


If you guys are looking to burn belly fat, and build ab strength/definition, you can pre-order the current series I am working on called 6-Weeks to 6-Pack which is designed for anyone looking to burn fat, and work on abs. This series will be awesome as it has easy, intermediate, and hard (Heroic, is what I call it) variations of every exercise, so you can do this if you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced! You will be able to do every exercise without equipment, however some equipment is mentioned to try if you happen to have it at home. Yes, at home workouts! I also will be putting in instructional pictures on what to do, as well as what not to do.


April 2nd will be the last day of pre-sale for my Heroes Fitness Ultimate Meal Planner. It has gotten amazing feedback so far! Email me today to get started on either of these programs. 

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