Supplements...What should you be taking?

March 11, 2018


Supplements... the #1 place I see people wasting their money the most. 

Here are, in my opinion, the top 3 reasons pick certain supplements:

1. It makes them feel better - you aren't eating perfect, and you aren't working out that hard. You go to GNC, and the sales rep says you will lose weight if you take this fat burner. Deep down, you probably know it's too good to be true. But, hearing a professional tell you it will work gives you confidence! All it costs is a small price of $129. Now, I know even my smallest training package is more than this, but keep in mind personal training is something you will actually get your money's worth from - it makes you feel better, and look better... You invested a lot of money, and a pro told you it would work. You feel better about your diet/training program now.

2. They see supplements as replacements - okay, this may be the #1 fact to get across today. Supplements are just that... supplements. A supplement is to help out what you're already doing. For example, a fat burner doesn't replace a good diet, it supplements a good diet. So taking a fat burner while eating bad isn't going to do much for you. Eating a strong diet with a fat burner is another story. Same goes for workout sups like pre-workout and BCAA's...they don't do magic for you. You still have to do the work. They will only make things better...slightly I might add.

3. You don't do enough (if any) research - Remember those professionals I mentioned earlier? Right... they are sales representatives. Remember that anytime someone tries to sell you something! They are making a commission off of that product. I have heard these guys straight up lie to customers, and talk percentage based research that doesn't even exist. 90% of professional bodybuilders take this testosterone booster!

No... they don't. Or maybe they do? But why take his word for it when you have the lovely benefit of google? Make your own opinion before you buy something. Be educated!


So, before you head over to GNC, try these supplements first:


1. Water - This entry may annoy some of you due to its obviousness, but still it is ignored by so many. Drinking enough water helps you absorb nutrients better, so what good is an amazing diet if you're not getting the best bang for your buck? Drink water!


2. Apple Cider Vinegar - I don't want to be a broken record player, you guys know how I feel about this one. And if you're new to my email list you can check out my blog on the topic here.


3. Greek Yogurt - Loaded with protein, low in fat, and if you get the right one, it's low in sugar too! (be on the lookout for evil added sugar) But many greek yogurts are also natural probiotics. You just need to be careful on the brand you get. More on probiotics below.


Now, all that being said, there are good supplements to be taking. I have a personal stack that really helps me out. So today, I'm going to tell you the top 3 supplements a beginner should be taking.


1. Fish oil - if you are lifting weights, congratulations! You're muscles are growing. But you know what doesn't? Your joints. Fish oil is one of the most researched supplements in the industry. Research, although does not prove without a doubt, suggests that fish oil can be great for your joints, as well as many other things such as your eyes and brain.

2. Protein Powder - okay, I debated putting this one on here for the simple fact that I do not consider protein powder a supplement. It's a meal replacement. As mentioned before, they are totally different things! But if you're going to spend $50+ dollars on anything, it should be protein. Whey protein powders taste awesome if you get the right one, have the highest biological value over any other food, and usually only have 1-2g of fat and carbs. Can't go wrong here! 

unless you get that vegan crap...

3. Probiotic/Super foods mix - I recommend this to all of my clients! I think it's 100% essential to have. Your body needs healthy bacteria, and it helps so much with digestion. Getting a super foods mix with probiotic only costs $15-$20 and it's also a great way to get vitamins and minerals you're missing from the veggies you don't eat.


But that's all for today everyone. Thanks for reading!

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