Is Apple Cider Vinegar ACTUALLY Good for You?

February 16, 2018


Truthfully, I cannot stand fitness/nutrition fads. I love that they get people who are not currently exercising/eating healthy excited to try new things, but it never fails that these types of people (fad-followers, we shall call them) follow this one fad, and change almost nothing else in their diets/programs. The whole gluten-free thing is a great example. I think lowering gluten is a great idea. BUT a gluten free pizza can be loaded with unhealthy carbs and fat, and many people will think their pizza is healthy because it's gluten-free.


BUT to be the best trainer I can be, I need to stay directly on top of all these fads, try them myself, do loads of research, and find out what works so that way I can transfer the information to my lovely supporters!


When the apple cider vinegar fad was going crazy, I was the first person to crack jokes about it. I thought it was hilarious! But, after experiencing some of the first hand effects, and doing some research, my laughter has been silenced...


A study in Japan tested 3 groups drinking 500 ml of a beverage everyday for 12 weeks. 1 group drank their beverage with no vinegar, another with 15ml of vinegar, and a third with 30ml of vinegar. The 15ml group lost 2.6lbs, while the 30ml group lost 3.7 lbs. (1)

Now, 4 pounds in 12 weeks is NOT significant, but imagine combining the vinegar with a structured workout program as well as good nutrition. In 12 weeks, you can lose up to 12 pounds rather easily, but with the ACV, that is a potential extra 4 pounds to lose!


So today, I am going to tell you my top 3 reasons why apple cider vinegar is actually healthy... Here we go!


#1. Fullness - If you think the trend is the next butter in your coffee, okay, fair enough. But one fact that is undeniable is that apple cider vinegar makes you feel fuller. Personally, I have the worst cravings in the middle of the day around 3pm. A shot of apple cider vinegar right after a meal not only makes me feel full, but also kills my appetite. Unfortunately, I have no scientific evidence that actually proves this fact. I do, however, have first hand experience. 

A common strategy is to drink an ounce of ACV before a meal so you will eat less.


#2. Digestive Health - Researchers performed a study on mice with Ulcerative Colitis. The mice were given ACV in their drinking water. The study found that because of the Acetic Acid, the mice had higher levels of healthy bacteria in their stomachs, which lessened symptoms of their gastrointestinal disease. (2)


#3. Lowers Bad Cholesterol - ACV contains chlorogenic acids, which can help lower LDL (low density lipids) AKA bad cholesterol. Study information is here 


So the research is there. Effects of ACV may be minimal, but considering a bottle of ACV is less than $5, and takes almost no time to drink, it isn't going to hurt to have 2 tbsp per day! Every bit helps.

Thanks for reading, as always. Talk soon!







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