Why Goat Cheese is the Only Cheese You'll Find in My Refrigerator

December 22, 2017

Okay, if you follow my YouTube Channel or Facebook Page, then you know that I LOVE goat cheese! I top my salads with it, make zucchini boats with it, and make a mean egg white & goat cheese frittata. In fact, I am pretty sure it is the only dairy product in my diet. But that's not only because I love the taste of it. There's actually a handful of reasons why, and that's what I am going to tell you about today!

Now, most people already know that cheese is pretty high in fat, which in turn means cheese is high in calories. Goat cheese holds the title of fewest calories at 75 kcal/ounce with mozzarella following at 85 kcal/ounce. Why does it have fewer calories? 

I'm glad you asked!

It has the least amount of fat. So, not only does it have less calories, it also has better [quality] of calories. That 1 oz of goat cheese only holds 5g of fat, while cheddar holds 9g! Double win with the macros! Not to mention that is is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin B, phosphorus, calcium and iron.

Now, goat cheese is not the greatest source of protein - but it's still there. In our lovely 1 oz of goat cheese, we will find 4g of protein versus 7g in an ounce of cheddar cheese. We aren't holding a title there, but considering that amount of fat we are saving, I'll take it!

Goat cheese also contains less than half of the sodium that most cheeses have. These days, sodium is hard to avoid. Switching to goat cheese will definitely aid in that area.

Now, this doesn't have anything to do with why I eat goat cheese, but a little known fact is that it has far less lactose than it's dairy siblings. Many people who can't drink milk can eat goat cheese without a problem! (However you should run that one by your physician before trying.)

There is a wide variety of things you can do with goat cheese. I can be creative in the kitchen without feeling bad. If you haven't tried goat cheese yet, I highly recommend that you do soon. The differences listed above go a lot farther than you may think - and to be totally honest with you, I prefer the taste of goat cheese over most cheeses!

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