I’m sick and tired of hearing people go on these “fad diets,” where they are giving up meat, dairy, gluten, carbs, etc... many of these diets will help you lose weight, but they are not realistic for longevity. You will go on these diets, and one day you will go off. There are a few reasons why - 
1. They are too bland
2. They are too restrictive (on things they should not be restrictive on) or
3. They make you eat things you don’t want to eat. 
I want to help you lose 10 pounds of fat, and never gain it back again. To do that, you have to stop going on diets. 
As most of you know, Heroes Fitness is a one stop shop for fitness, nutrition, and supplementation. Over the years, I have been making nutrition plans for people, and I have finally perfected the formula with my Heroes Fitness Ultimate Meal Planner. This is the meal plan to end all diets, because it is something you can realistically follow for the rest of your life.
The trick to sticking to any meal plan is 
1. Convenience and ease 
2. GREAT tasting foods and 
3. Variety
My meal planner makes all of this easier than it’s ever been. It’s full of great tasting foods that are easy to make and I tell you how to cook it, how to prep it out (for the week so you’re only cooking it once) and I even give you 3 different full days of options, so if you don’t like one thing you can trade it out for another. Do you work a 9-5 job and don’t have much time to prep meals in the morning? I have a full day of eating made SPECIFICALLY for people like you in mind with my Grab ‘N Go plan. 
I even took it a step further with my color coding system. See, all the proteins are highlighted in red, all the carbs in blue, and all the vegetables in green. So, if you see a protein on your planner you don’t like, you just look for something else written in red that you may enjoy more and swap it out.
Does your spouse do all your cooking? Not anymore. Stop relying on other people! You have to be in control. In my meal plan, I show you that it's not as hard as you once thought, and you can do this on your own - in fact, it's very important that you do. God forbid, if something happens to your spouse, how are you going to take care of your health? You need to learn how to do this. I will be the one to teach you (it's so easy even I can do it...)
So how do I know this meal planner is effective? Quite simply, this is what I follow 365 days out of the year. I am the test subject and my physique is the result. So many people go through the horrendous cutting and bulking cycles. Why would you purposely add fat to your body? I’d rather look great daily, throughout the year. 
This meal plan is strictly about longevity. Stop going on diets for 8-12 weeks, then gaining back everything you lost. This meal plan will allow you to TRULY a change your lifestyle with easy meal prep, great tasting foods, and a healthy balance. 
What makes it even better? The 5 rules of the meal plan are as follows:
1. No counting calories OR measuring foods - Counting calories/weighing foods can help you lose weight, but it isn’t a lifestyle change because you won’t do that forever (trust me, in the past this has been my biggest mistake)
2. Never leave the table hungry. If you’re hungry, that’s a starvation diet and that’s bull **** and unhealthy.
3. Try new things - Most nutrition hacks sound disgusting and take some bravery to try. BUT,
4. If you don’t like it, leave it out. If you’re force feeding food you don’t like, eventually you’re going to quit. This is why I give you tons of options.
5. Don’t be afraid to cheat. And you’re not going to give up pizza/cheesecake forever. So have 1-2 cheat meals each month. (But this is designed to make you not want to cheat)

Heroes Fitness Ultimate Meal Planner