About Us

Heroes Fitness is built upon the belief that by choosing to live a healthy lifestyle by working out and eating better, you can inspire others to make those same decisions. Our mission for Heroes Fitness is to give our clients the best training they can get. But it doesn't end with the workouts. We are in contact with our clients almost daily, even when we are not training. Sometimes it's just a text to ask, "Hey, how are you feeling today?" Sometimes we send nutritional advice and recipe's. The workouts are the easy part. You don't have to think; We do that for you. The challenge is the nutrition, the goal setting, and staying motivated. Start today, and let us get you started on a nutrition plan and set some goals.

            1 ON 1 TRAINING


We all need someone to give us a push. Even the world's best athletes have trainers! Whether you're looking to grow, or to cut, or some combination of the two, personal training might be perfect for you! The best part of having a personal trainer is getting their full attention on you. If you're doing something wrong, don't worry! You won't be for long.

            GROUP FITNESS


Do you enjoy fitness in a group? Do you want get motivated in a group environment? Group fitness is a very special service. You get all the benefits of having a trainer, but at a lower rate! If you're looking to cut weight, you can join our boot camp class!

Looking to put on lean muscle mass? Join our Powerflex NOW!




No matter what service you go with, we will hold you accountable. On my testimonials page the most recurring thing you will see is how much the accountability helps. We will assess you, help you set short and long term goals, and put you on a plan to achieve those goals. Stop waiting, stop thinking, stop making excuses. Let's get started today!